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We’ve been struggling with how to make this table reader friendly for the non-data literate.  Please help!  This table is included in a larger report that will be distributed to community agencies with varying levels of data literacy. Please provide help using Excel—we don’t have access to other software programs (unless they are free!).

Data are available here.

8 thoughts on “Table Design Help

  1. You have the same data counted in multiple locations in the table as it stands, which could confuse the audience if they are not too numerate. Also, you provide enough information in the table as it stands to fill in the blanks.

    In reformatting the table I’ve preserved your font and colour choices, but removed much of the redundant information.

    Unsure how to attach the reformatted data-set, so I’m including an image with my comment.

  2. I would turn your table into a chart. I think a diverging stacked bar chart makes the information easy to digest, but for something even simpler to create in excel a standard stacked bar works also. I have stripped even more of the data from the table out, focusing on the percentages and the total number of participants.

    • I think this is a great solution overall, and the color choices are much improved.
      Whether or not it will suit the original poster’s needs is another matter, but it’s a nice clean presentation.

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